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We all know them: QR Codes. Many of us know how to generate them with online tools, but this is sometimes pretty annoying. But now there is Office QR!

Office QR is a free Office 2013 and later as well as 365 add in for all devices. Install it from the Office App Store.


Office QR Price: Free


The App is for experts as well as for inexperienced users very easy to use. On the Homepage you chose which kind of QR Code you want to generate. In the following fields you can paste your data and insert the code with a single click into your Word, Excel or PowerPoint document.

If you like, you can modify 3 additional properties. The first one is the error correction level. The higher it is the greater the QR Code will be but the readability will increase too.
The second and third features are the colors of the code. You can choose it yourself. But remember, the dark color must be always darker than the light color. Otherwise it cannot read by QR reader apps.

Also a nice feature is, that the app displays a message in case the QR code is possibility too big to read with standard smart phones.

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